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Dear creative friends,


I would like to invite you to Polymer Clay Heaven...

Because many of us in Czech Republic have fallen under the spell of the Polymer Clay and began to build our Polymer Clay world that knows no boundaries and brings together creative souls across the continents, I began to think how Polymer Clay Heaven actually looks like.
It is certainly an infinity of free time to create with this amazing material. And when we finally find that free time to create, it would be nice to have an inspiration. So I spoke to some of the best Polymer Clay artists in the Czech Republic and invited them to an imaginary Heaven of Polymer Clay to fulfil it by their skills and imagination. And because I think that the artist is as important as the created art itself, I am presenting you the individual artists who should not stand in the shadow of their work, too ...
Together we all believe that you will like our first attempt to create a piece of Polymer Clay Heaven, and that it will allow you to forget about the world around you and inspire you to create heavenly beautiful jewellery and decorations.


I have been privileged to be involved with the birth of this form of collaboration which has evolved in to a lovely book.  I look forward to hear what you may have to say of it, because we - as a team of authors - are really truly excited about it.


I would like to invite you to my website for more inspiration and invitations to polymer orientated events associated with the project Polymer Clay Heaven.


Monika Brýdová

& authors

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